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A further exploration of how nature interfaces with the human experience.


released October 26, 2016



all rights reserved


edwn England, UK

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Track Name: The Universal Language of Nature
I speak in a forgotten tongue
Deeply understood
Grammarless yet structured
A language of body, pulse and call

It is written on every hedgerow
Voiced by every stream
Spoken by every coiled root

I am here I am sprouting
Food is there It will rain
Run away, now I am subordinate
This is my patch, mine!

I speak the tongue, the auxin, the pheromone
I can converse with a tree
Speak with a bee
Even, in shattered stone-words
Talk with scree

Walking through this planet's poesy
Every step a sonnetsworth of signals
A quatrain of quiet queries

This is the language of beauty
Nature's in love with words
Beauty is a language
Listen to it's poetry
Track Name: Hedgegrow
Alive between
Lattice of green

Moments grasped
Attention masked
Fragments of Art

Blocks of land
Blocks of time
Units of creation

Less is more
Less is less
More or less
Than mere survival?

Fronds and fern
Tendrils learn
Leaves turn
Networks colloidal

Fractal wholes
Mediate soul
Art is vital
Track Name: The Adder and the Asphodel
I may only be a few weeks old
But already I am IMPERIOUS
You there, young Aspohdel
You are blocking the sun, move immediately!
I need to warm up

I'm sorry mister adder sir
But I'm just a flower and I can't move

The adder snorts and slides off to a warmer spot

Later, the adder comes by again
You there, young asphodel, you're all yellow
That is the sun's colour
You must change to orange immediately!

I'm sorry mister adder sir
But I am just a flower and I can't change my colour

The adder harrumphs and slinks off
He realises an important lesson:
Some things can be changed
And some can't

Later, without telling anyone
Or anyone even noticing
The asphodel moves a few feet to the east
And turns a lovely warm orange
Track Name: Sense-Thing
I am in transition
Transecting land
I feel the electric tingle of the smooth grass
I swim in the rowan's rising sap
Murmur in the stoat's cochlea

I am pure sense-thing
I am pure sense

I inhabit the sleep world of a dozing dragonfly
My feet are made of tastes and sounds
My earth receives the imprint of deerhoof

I cover ground
Nourished by sound
I spread forth, everywhere and nowhere

All eyes are mine
All smells sublime
Six senses entwined

Circuit sampled
Sectors secure
Sensibilities assured
I swing south
Straight to the centre, swift
And unlearn everything
Track Name: Big New
The part of my brain that is a difference engine
Lights up the dendrites of my peripheral vision
I kneel, sharply (picnicker's peril)
Cirsium acaule
(If it had whiskers, it would twitch them)

This is big new
New to me, new to the world?
Unfamiliar shape, colour, presence
References cross
Data base

It should be binary
Taxa are discontinuous!

Yet does rarity lend beauty?
Does my knowing change another's grace?

The plant turns out to be nothing special
I'm not too disappointed
I feel I discovered
Something new inside myself
Track Name: Nitrogen
Today I am among
Coils of dark metallic
Heath-peat lung swirl

Air-free playful
In slate grey sky
Half-bright lovely, wind-flung

Then diverted, nostrilled, dark
Millennia of Brownian bouncing

Watching my friends cross over
Wet alveoli
While I remain neutral
Always denied

I remeber Ceasar
Then no spark for millennia
Some day my chance will come again
Until then I remain

Unbonded, diatomic
Track Name: Curve Key
There's a clue in the curves
The roundness of a doe's eyes
The arc of a marbled white's wing as it lands
The underwater tubmling vortices of a leaf floating downstream
A stratospheric wisp of cirrus

Searching for a way in
Break through my unknowing
To forget what I know I know

A lifetime's looking for the key to connection

Smooth serrations of Fagus sylvatica
Sensual sinusoids of
Stream-scraped sandstone
Bulging bubbles of boiling seafoam
Broad-hipped Beziers

Finally I realise
It was unlocked all along
It's as easy as breathing
Just step in
Track Name: Whitethorn
A little spot I know
A old shepherd's whitethorn
An island in the Down's green sea

Graced with traces
of (other shelterers)2
other than me
Shy fox, curious badger
Nesting goldfinch, journeying mole
journeying mole

(Each fond in their own way)2
Familiar with the cool shadow
Familiar with the dry earth

Enclosure close above my head
Sky-shielded, thorn-yielding

Up here nothing matters but
The ground and the sky

And I can see for miles
Sometimes even as far as my inner self
Track Name: Riverflow
Flow between two rocks
Constant Bernoulli
Equal and unequal swirls and boils
Occasional miasma gyrations
and turbulent eddies
But mostly an interplay
Of smooth laminar flow

Each moment new-same
Set against a rock backstory
We are joined by fleeting impermanence
That, frozen in time at any one
Forms a solid perfect bond between us

Life flows continuous
We stand contiguous
We can deliver us
Life flows
Track Name: Thistledown
Spend some time
In the not-quite rain
Just standing; being
Not watching or even listening

Then, (when you least)2 expect it
When (you're not even)2 thinking or trying
Ideas tumble out
Like a hillside meadow
Revealed after the mist parts

One after another
Thistledown is teased
Away and floats off in the breeze
Over the dewdamp dewdrop fields

Where will they land?
Which ones will sprout?

A thousand hopes take flight
I still my mind and
Watch them settle
Track Name: I Am Your Photon
A quality of light
Signals incite
Resonance ignited

I am direct
I am nothing

I was that glint of dew on a hawberry
The exquisite blue of the brookside scabious

I caught your eye as a pinkish hue
on the forest orchid
Spotlit by a beam of sunlight

For years I bounced around the clouds
As a nearly infinte panopoly of greys
Watching for your reaction
I have a strange attraction
For you

I coordinate and mobilise 10 to the 89 others of my kind
to charm your optic nerve

I will lead you
Inspire you
Draw your art and soul from within you

I speak in two-state
With a boolean accent
Listen to me

Light and sight
Sight and light
Track Name: Thirty Minutes As A Crow
For thirty minutes
I was a crow

I walked on the ground for a while
Chased off my friends
Flew to the top of a tree
And surveyed my world

I called and cawed
Loud and uninhibited
Over my domain

I swooped down and
Narrowly missed a morsel

Hopped around hopefully
With my comrades-in-wings

Then suddenly, I saw something
The first in my group (to see), I was quick
I seized it and
Joy joy joy joy joy
(It was food)2

I flew off to a quiet spot
By myself to eat it

No-one bothered me