An Ordinary Patch of Ground

by edwn

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An ordinary patch of ground
An overlooked corner
It's just there
Scruffy and a bit bare

Found most beautiful by distant star-beings

The spot where evolution was decoded by a fox watching a cloud

Overgrown tussocks
Foxtrails and rubbish
No name
No where

The ground is ignored
A secret in plain view
Alien teleport
For them to watch you

This patch of ground is alive with immortal treeness

Outstandingly average
Exceedingly bland
Just grass and boring bushes
Surrounded by trees

Litter awakes into a new technium

Animals always know it as a special spot

No place in your heart
To set it apart
Can hardly remember
Where was it again?

Wildflowers bloom and commune with the goddess of Summer

A link to future space colonists via superluminal VR

Underground bacteria and annelids
Work the soil and tell the story
We never see

It's everywhen in time

The crucible, a place of flowering
The crux of the botanical revolution

An ordinary patch of ground
An ordinary patch of ground


released September 20, 2016



all rights reserved


edwn England, UK

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Track Name: A Heart Shaped Idea
Looking out
Zooming in
Orders of magnitude
Chlorophyll to cumulus
Quark to quasar
A tiny quadrant
Of a tiny quadrant
In the sky

A heart-shaped idea
Stands out in the void

The star-beings are intrigued
Pausing from their fiery infighting
And their internecine nuclei

They throw their roiling vision
Light years forth
To focus on a tiny meadow
And they gawp
And gawp
At its beauty
Until gossip
Gargles out of abeyance

And the ordinary patch of ground
Becomes once more
A half remembered fad

An ordinary patch of ground
Track Name: Goddess of Summer
Pumping pigment, a pulsating ache
I squeeze out my mallow
My special for you

My unfolding fingers flush with joy and
Perfect pinkness

Sensously synthesised from meek minerals
My petalsoft opens - for you

Floating over the dewed wevet
Summer, you come to collect me
Summer, you come

Plucktorn between your holy fingers
Stowed in your tumbling gossamer hair
Along with meadow blue cranesbill
Sun yellow hawkbit
Lip-red figwort and
Queen Anne's lace

From fumitory and fairy flax
To floxglove and fleabane
Until every flower has been saved

We shineglow in your hair
Nourished through autumn and
Winter's hardness
As you lay low
Living on memories
Living on memories
Of sun and sweet vernal

Until it is time to shake out your locks
And tumble our dried and precious pigment
Into the lap of Spring
For her to bestow
On her children once more
Track Name: TreeSee
We long limbed are
Smoth feel all bark
Cold pore closed pore
Even-blink days pulsing
Blinkturn shadows breathing
Moon memories into us

Out soft seedlingness tingles quiet
Under the snowrise
Auxin-melding with our
Farcycle eldest
Who nourish the hyphal portal
With their very quick

Edgewards half-wide we spread
All will be ours
All will be ours
We will succeed
Everything becomes tree'd
Track Name: Hartefacts
Orange polyethylene
Bilaterally symmetric
Hs caught a clump of grass
It's symbiotic microflora
Digest the prey

Nestled in the pale grass
Blue aluminium tubule, lone segment
Potentially modular
Awaits is Hox gene
To activate serial expression
A body plan ripe for
It's a logo straining, imploring
Dreaming of reproduction

Artefacts interact
Phenotypes survive
Ecosystems changing track
Litter is alive
Track Name: The Fox and the Cloud
he fox was trotting through the clearing
Something made him stop
Up in the sky a cloud was peering
Looking at the fox

The fox asked the cloud,
"Given the intertextuality of your discourse,
does it have implications for the
evolution of evolvability?"

And the cloud said, "%£*^&*^%%$%^^"

"I see", said the fox. "So your multivariable pattern formation
is actually programming for the universal evolution engine?"

"(£*&£$£("£&*(&(*^&^£*&", said the cloud

"That's a somewhat evasive answer. I think
you're not allowed to tell me, are you?"

The cloud said nothing. The fox looked around slyly,
as foxes do when they're thinking hard about how to get
something they want.

"If you tell me the answer, I'll catch you a nice
fat young rabbit, will that change your mind?"


"OK, OK, how about a nice bunch of ripe cherries instead?
I'm not good at climbing trees but I'll do it for you"


If didn't look good for the fox. He thought and thought some more.
"Well this is my final offer. If you tell me, I'll give you control of the wind"

The cloud was silent for a while.

Nothing like this had ever happened before.

For millions of years clouds had dreamed of being able to control the wind. The temptation was too much, even for a cloud.


"Yes? Yes? You'll tell me the secret of the universe? What is it?"


And the fox laughed and laughed and laughed for days.
Track Name: Tenders
Absorb, digest and make some soil
Dig and move and cast out your coil
Eat and filter, renew and improve
Ant, Bacteria and Worm

Chalkhill Blue larvae
Carried caringly, comfortingly, caressed
Unfathomable debt repaid in truth
Ant, bac and worm

Sparrowhawk's kill
Feathery remains
Processed, sunken and removed
Ant, bac and worm

Vital fusing nodules
Gather up the lightning
Kristian Huuygen's final proof
Ant, bac and worm
Track Name: Bramblesnare / Foraging for Beauty
Looking looking looking bored looking nothing
Trample kickle
Hazel drags my face
Tangle hair legs bramble snare
Dawn near still
Nothing nothing hungry
Scramble clack

Losehill up up up up up up up up
Stumble clearing ahhhhhhh

Beauty find! Perfect frame
Frost and feathers corner moss
Splendulous pendulous
Wonder-laden crystal moment
Beauty finds me
Lit up, perfect frame

Can you see it, now?
Herenow moment
Fresh dawn air cool warm light
Flint gint own it eat it

Fern frond yellowgreen

Fading starts fasing starts
Glading starts glading starts
Air so thickslow freeze time
Air so thickslow freeze time

Not slow enough not slow
stop don't go stop don't go
stop don't go stop don't go
stop don't go stop don't go
Track Name: TimeHub
Invisble matrix hovers
A yard above the ground
20 yards be it's height and breadth
Central hub
4-D allocation

Dup and uown, fack and borth
Time packets flit silently
Neutrino fast
Through bubbles of parallel space

A roe deer wanders in, unknowing
Antlers tickling the cube

It stops, stock still
Sensing something
But no predators are here
The hub is oblivious

The velvet travels a thousand years
And back again
To that exact moment
Track Name: Ulex Ilex Ec
Puffs of charcoal
Bands of silt
30% crow
Dirty quartz
Herwick dust
Leveret's eye

Dark grey clouds
Yellow gorse

Colour combination
Neighbouring frequencies
Of light

Ulex Ilex Ec

Pierce the sky
Sharp in my eye
Grey bobtail's yellow flash
Lemony lichen on grey-black rock

One combination
Why does it speak to me?
Track Name: Elm 238
I towered up from the bed of Fordy Lane
To the top of the bell-tower at St Augustine
The beetles drew circuit boards labyrinthine
Under my diamond bark puckering, starts to decline

I was touching the sky but cut down in my prime
For forty short years I've been biding my time
Now I stay cool underground in the slick of the clay
With my toes in the brook in this half-life I'll stay

Your bones and mine
Numbered in time
Awaiting a future
That is counting down

Europium twists like a snake through The Snells
The geiger reads forty-eight hundred Becquerels
The boys in the brook splash and catch miller's thumbs
Bathed in a solution of plutonium

I drink it like them into my cambium
My bones intermingle with caesium
We resonate numbers of neutron decay
Radiating from the past to today

Your bones and mine
Numbered in time
Awaiting a future
That is counting down

My dormancy ends the beetles have gone
I sprout up again take my place in the throng
A mischief of magpies chackle in my hair
It feels good to be tall again breathing the air

I remember the touch of this man beside me
He was there as a boy when I was a great tree
He has hope in his fingers and strength in his eyes
We will both grow again and reach up to the skies

Your bones and mine
Numbered in time
Awaiting a future
That is counting down
Track Name: Goatherd
She stepped into the clearing
Spat to ward off spirits
Looked for her goats
Where had they led her this time?
They were resting
In the shade of a blackthorn
She didn't remember this spot

But she must have been here before

The goats were calm and that calmed her
She gathered some hawberries
And sat in the sun

She listened to the insects buzzing
And the stillness of the surrounding woods
As they breathed in and out
Her mind felt clearer
Than it had in many moons

Until the sun lord moved
His shadow over her
And the goats grew restless
She moved them on
On to the next pasture

Later, she wondered ...
Track Name: Florafication
50 million years ago
The clouds got busy
The sky was filled with new
Complexities upon complexities
Recursive subroutines

With shade and lightning
They felled trees
In a small clearing
And focused their energies

The crucible of life
Where new forms sprang up
Outside the fern forest's shadow

Dances of corollas and pollinators
Calyxes and nectar hunters
Colour coding
Fragrant florafication

In our meadow
The path was set
Under Aldebaran's bloodshot eye
Just as flowering plants emerged at the expense
Of ferns and bryophytes
So did the mammals that coevolved with them
Prevail over other life forms

And just as the flower fades so the seed can ripen
So humans and plants face ultimate demise
So life can spread across the universe