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This album was inspired by Gilbert White, Charles Darwin, both great observers of the natural history of their local patch of ground. The songs take their setting from landscapes I have walked through, from Dorest, Wiltshire through to Kent.


released September 20, 2016



all rights reserved


edwn England, UK

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Track Name: Sproutcale
Jumping brassication
Cabbages and leaps
Sprokkelmaand and frozen land
Tatties broth and neeps

Fingers numb from tip to thumb
Warming on the bowl
Smoky hearth and fireglow
Sloughing off the cold

Jump month

February 1778, Wolmer forest
A hard frost makes the chaffinches roost together
For warmth

Gilbert's ambulations
Documenting land
Hibernating swallows
Martins in the sand

Bluecaps on the suet
Southdowns nibble kale
Vast rain on the Hampshire plain
Selborne tells its tale
Track Name: Pins and Thrums
This day could be
Called black
The cawl of the crow
Matter of fact

World of words in no uncertain terms
We tumble and spin

Pins and thrums
Hopeful monsters walk the landscape
We operate within a certain pallette

My dear Takeki
Has nothing
But a sack
Of grain

He rejects gold won't let his heart be sold
Even for a fortune

Pins and thrums
Hopeful monsters walk the landscape
We operate within a certain pallette

Prima rosa
First rose
Last link in the chain
Track Name: Viola odorata
Frosty glass crystallises
Candy-clear, sticky white
Stomata breathe
First light
New dawn
All is right
Viola odorata

Planetary wheels within wheels
Petals cut with pinking shears
Leaves glossed and glazed and codified as cardiod
No empty promises just
The smell of ionine
One nostril sniffing, one hand clapping

I can see the Purple Emperor's
New raiments hemmed, vicose blend
Foxscat blessed with visitation

You've got the whole thing to yourself
The field's wide open
Staring me in the face
There all along
Track Name: Grey Pebble
Neon green lichen glows
Each a different splodge
On millions of grey beach pebbles
Hand-sized ovals
Studded with emeralds

Black spider shines against the grey
Scurries away sulkily above the tide line

With a paleolithic movement
Swinging my arm from on high
Clack of stone on stone
I split the pebble to reveal
A fossil barnacle
Charles' favourite fascination

We are friends for a few seconds
A meeting of millennia
Heralded by stonechat
An audience of gulls
The crashing applause of surf

Then we go our separate ways
The cipher of evolution lays silent
And I walk on alone
A mutation waiting to happen
Track Name: I Knew Him, Senecio
My squalid friend
Is back again
The same stone wall
Above the drain

You are alien
You fit in better than me
I miss your take on things
You snowbird, you wintermute

All drove on the woolpack switchback
Running boards crosslinked and calculated

Senecio squalidus

My ventricles tumble three ways to unlock
A burst of joy inside when I see your
Moon-fed eyes and June night sighs
Your yellowness overloads my retina
Like the gap left behind
After you finish a sentence
Track Name: Vein of a Hogweed Leaf
All the air that's in the world
Has flowed through these pores
Microscopic gateway to the stars
Vein of a hogweed leaf
Pinnate and pale green
Running fast from root to leaf tip

Earth to air
Air to earth

Flowing rising
Phloem xylem cambium
Tunnels vast, oceans wide
Lifetimes adrift
Planets tumble and roll through
These cavernous halls

Hair's breadth thick
Sands of time
Frozen in space

Crystals of life's sap
Food for all creation

Vein of a hogweed leaf
Track Name: Alternate Palmate
Oppositifolium alternifolia
Oval lanceolate and halberd
Spinously dentate
Decompound and lyrate
Glabrous and pedunculate

Take it to Poland
Bifurcate infinity
Families revealed by key
Revd. Johns decodes me

Delicate beauty
Revealed by code
Exquisite colour shape and form
Reduced to language
Classified and curated


Hairy viscid
Oblong leaflets
Flowers axillary and solitary
With incurved keel
Pod shorter than the calyx
And not compressed
And not compressed
Track Name: Leaftaster
The taste of a burnet salad
Marjoram and vetch
Basil beech and hawthorn
And Jack-run-by-the-hedge

Between my teeth
Of taste in flood
That wild creates
Torrent of green blood
Torrent of green blood

Greens and pottage
Blossom and spice
Gathered wildings
Taste of life

Green in tooth
Wild in claw
Fill my soul
Cleanse my core
Track Name: Flower of Kent
Flower of Kent
Made a dent
In our map of
Nature's intent

Spread across
A field of dots
Drawing lines
Cartesian plots

You're a mystery in plain view
I cannot wait
To elucidate
The attraction of me and you

Nine point eight
Is rolling on
To a conclusion
From the sky
Dispel confusion
Malus dom.
From my head onto my thigh
How easily we bruise

Waken me
From my dream
Sitting under
The wisdom tree
And callipers
Reveal the truth
That endures

Thirty two point two
Feet per second per second

Nine point eight
Is rolling on
To a conclusion
From the sky
Dispel confusion
Malus dom.
From my head onto my thigh
How easily we bruise
Track Name: Thorns
Twenty years of was it thirty four or five
Guided by your thorns I gave you all my life
Then we fought, fell out
Crashing disillusionment and doubt

I turned up
I kept the faith
Even failure
Was not a waste
Experience accumulates
Guided by your thorns

Sic transit gloria

From glimmerings to gleaning
Single steps to yearning
Heft and deft to craft and graft

Day in year out
The decades flout
All of life's work is no monument
All in vain
More pride than pain
I never could say what I meant

Nothing can take away
Guided by your thorns
Track Name: Pigeons
I am off-balance, overrun
Opportunists blocking the sun
Too many R
Not enough k
Out of control

Empty eagle
Silent roar


I am squirrel
I am mitten crab
We are here too
None of us has been here long
Track Name: Kennet
Notes tumble / Down like rain
Off the lead / To the drain
Down the brook / Past the newt
Millers thumb / Willow root
Crowfoot drifts / White like snow
Your chalk banks / Cleave hedgerows
Swallowhead to Avebury / You rise from a Mystery

Kennet, Kennet
Forty five miles, Forty five miles
Falling slow / Through fields of wheat
Thorns of sloe / Waters deep
River runs / Gathering pace
From West to East / Gentle race

Calmed and tamed / Slow lock rise
Lazy trout / Gulps mayflies

Four thousand years has he been King
Rubied chest, emerald wing
Proud atop his floating throne
Regal jetsam of minnow bone

Towards the wind he turns his beak
For in those zephyrs he doth seek
What he hath lost for evermore
But all he finds is stillness
But all he finds is stillness

In an embarassment of riches
A never-ending glut of fishes
From branch to branch and reed to reed
He never finds what he needs

A full belly and burgeoned nest
Is not enough to grant him rest
He rules over these sweet banks
Yet still his crown is hollow
Yet still his crown is hollow

Time runs near / Strands of hope
Passing by / Turning point
Riversmeet / Riversmeet

Your mouth, your mouth, your mouth
Your sweet Isis mouth
Intermingling / Intertingling
Tingle and single / Flow together
Become one / Become none
Become all /Everything and nothing
All at once

Kennet comes from East to West
King he comes to pass the test
Sun it burns upon his chest
Love he finds and now his rest
Floating bones make up his nest
Nature is truly blessed
Now our Kindgom is blessed