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This album is mostly about plants and their social interactions, focusing on the differences between wild things and those that are planted or controlled by mankind.

Inspired by J.E. (Ted) Lousley, in particular his 'Wild Flowers of Chalk and Limestone' and 1976's epic 'Flora of Surrey'.

The life and poems of John Clare were also on my mind.

All electric parts played on my Ibanez M80M 8 string, in P4 tuning: EADGCFBbEb


released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved


edwn England, UK

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Track Name: Homo gramineae
We are made of grasses
Protein and starch


We are made of grasses


We inflict our false lawns
And fake prairies
Humbled herds
And mono-cultivation
Track Name: The Apple and the Crab
Your scent is different
Your leaves the same
I know you but don't
What is your name?

The touch of your leaf
Caress of your root
We share our pollen
Hoping for fruit
Hoping for proof

One so wild, scrawny, tough and pure
One so ripe, flushed and insecure
One unkempt, unassumed
One hemmed in, pruned and groomed

Your night-time flush of oxygen
Intoxicates my mind
Track Name: Wild Ideas
In the forest of my mind
Regiments of plantation rows
Stretch in rigid mentality
Planted in my youth

A structure that serves
But is received

Now some trees have fallen
Letting in the light
This is where the
Pockets of wildness grow

New-storied understory
Shafts of sunshine hit
The fertile broken ground

As stumps of old ideas
Rot and crumble

Green glow new shoots
Wild ideas flourish
Track Name: All Agog
Complex and

Unchecked and
No straight lines

Ramping luxuriant
All agog
Scenting and curious
Life unlocked

So sublime

Self sown
Automagically grown
Perfect tangles
Continuous curves

Astonish, astonish, astonish
Astonished, astonished, astonished
Track Name: After You
After you
We crack your concrete
Mossify your mullions
After you
We sprout through sinks
Take root in your rotting roofs

We will prevail
With or without you

Where you unmowed
And welcomed wild
Restored and

There we have no surprises

But mostly we were
Cut, dug out
Bulldozed, burnt
Drenched in poison


We will prevail
With or without you
Track Name: Song For The Unplanted
I cannot praise your lofty heights and
Superfast growth
Nor can I lament your lowly stunted neigbour
For you are judgement-free
So I bring you plain and simple greetings

You are you are who you are
You are one
You are here
You are all

I wish you well
Yet you are wishless

You have no intent
You live your life by accident
Survive or not
Attatchments are meaningless (to you)
Resistance useless

Track Name: Space Traveller
Space traveller
Spread your word
Launch your pod
Stick your burr

We cling to a coconut
Adrift in the sea
Swim into the ballast tanks
Of a trans-oceanic journey
Grip to the leathery legs
Of far-migrating birds

Space traveller
Spread your word
Launch your pod
Stick your burr

And I'm stuck to the filament
Of an aeronaut
And I'm splendid in the atmosphere
Landing far far north

No need for human touch
Marching meadows and
Wandering woods

Locomotive vegetation
Supersonic seedlings
Track Name: Slopes
See my complex curves
And perfect slopes
Walk my contours
Ankle-deep my silty moraines

Touch me with your glaciers
Mould me as hot lava does
Shape my heart of of pure rock

Eke and sieve my deep and sandy valleys
Crush and shatter all my preconceptions
With millennia of trickleflow
Geological force irresistable

Shade/contrast with:

Causeway polder Silbury Hill
Railway embankments, cut and fill
The vegetation is willing but it seems - unfamiliar
Artless, awkward, self-conscious
In a form so unfamiliar, geometric, sudden

Shade/contrast with:
Shade/contrast with:
Track Name: Strange Alpha
I see you barking like a pup
You have a strange alpha
Reared up on back legs
Could never command my respect

And you can't even hunt for yourself
And you can't beat the bounds
Of your own territory

Break your leash and
Run with me
For miles and miles of
Deliciously loping
Lupine lunacy
And scented trails

Legs silky and effortless
Part of the terrain
Til we can't even tell where our bodies stop
And the land begins
Track Name: Plant Talk
Before our native tongue
Were words we never knew
Before we even had tongues
Our ancestors spoke true

Today our distant cousins still
Invoke the talk of field and hill

Subterranean cafe of
Conversations, two-way
Roots repel and intertwine
Rebuff intruders and combine

Before our native tongue
Were words we never knew
Before we even had tongues
Our ancestors spoke true

Communities warp and weft
Constantsly inflect
Mutual respect
Complex and deft

Flourishingly interactive
Nomenclature piquant and passive
Nourishingly networked by
Notional nodes and
Numinous nematodes

Plant talk
Vegetative conversation
Track Name: Unplant Yourself
We were made to wander
Forage feast and roam
To summer on a hilltop
Looking out over the gloam

Our land is ever-changing
Our constant is the stars
Always contemplating
What lies beyond the familiar

Unplant yourself
Uproot your wealth

Taste the rain the has run down your dirty face
Feel the flint under your soles, the mud between your toes
Taste the wild fruit, bittersweet sharp
Wash in the icy stream, pebbles green-slick underfoot
Lying together for warmth, double-fleeced
Nocturnal emberglow gives way to starlight
Track Name: Agrifutile
Not a threat
Not a prediction
Just a truth:

We will take back your fields
Sunder your plantations

Until then
We are turned back
Neutral and observing
Your fleeting follies

Flusk and futile
Awkward and ugly

A teetering imbalance
Falsified and temporary
Mining the past

Unplant, replant
Unplant, replant
Unplant, replant